Secondlife Item : Apron & C-string Valentine Special Set


* Mesh part Only (Not include layer)

✪ liquid mes [Apron] Valentine Special Version

All the collisions when not sit.
Anime is reproduced by collision.
Anime stop is arrow key.
Size: XS,S,M,L,XL

Modify NG
Copy NG
Trans OK


✪ Non liquid mes [C-String] Valentine Special Version

‘C-string’ Click is transparent.
However, Only the appointed person(*).
*The person who write ‘Legacy Name’ to ‘C-string Description’.

ⓞThe method of a setup of a ‘Legacy Name’
(1)C-string Rez
(2)Right-click and edit.
(3) Write ‘Legacy Name’ to Description of a General tab.
(4)C-string Take
(5)C-string Wear (use is possible)


ⓞAbout ‘Legacy Name’
Legacy “FirstName LastName”
Modern “FirstName Resident”

Don’t write your(object Owner) ‘Legacy Name’.


ⓞIn order to return so that it may be visible, an owner needs to click C-string.


Modify OK
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Trans OK